Moments of excitement, freedom and adrenalin, visiting beautiful caves, watching beautiful beaches, rock formations and during the ride may be surprised by the presence of dolphins.

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At about 80 meters high, enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view of Albufeira.

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Jetboat Algarve

Looking for fun, adrenaline and a good time? Then visit us at Albufeira Marina, where you can enjoy truly unforgettable moments on your vacation by trying out our fast-moving boats designed for high-speed aerodynamics, for powerbreaks, for 180º and 360º turns and slides.


Join us on this new experience where you can enjoy moments of pure emotion, freedom and excitement as if you were in command of a powerful jet ski, but in the company of your family and friends.


Feel the thrill radical and unique maneuvers that this boat gives, combined with a visit to the most beautiful caves in the Algarve.

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Our flagship location is the harbour of Albufeira. You will find our Gate 4 Café where we will check you in.

We will ask you to arrive on-site 30 minutes prior to your departure time. When you arrive on-spot, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff, who are always happy to answer any question about the trip. Our staff will also give you the safety orientation.

You will spend 30 minutes enjoying the view of our fantastic rock formations and maybe dolphins will even join us! Experience the excitement of the ocean waves. We don’t give away too much about the trip, but we will assure that this trip will be one of the most “refreshing” and memorable experience of your visit to the Algarve!!

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